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Mexican Migration to America
Period 1850-1880
Who's Involved Mexicans, American Industries
Purpose Cheap Labour, Safety

The Mexican Migration to America is when Mexicans move to America for various reasons. This still goes on today.

In 1910 more mexicans migrated because World War 1 forced them to move. The Mexican government was unable to improve the lives of its citizens, and by the 1930s, harvests became smaller and employment were harder to get. As a result, many Mexican's had to find somewhere else to live. This, and World War I, forced many people to move into the United States, working in various industries and services. It was easy for Texicans to find jobs at that time, as much of the US labor forces were overseas fighting.

The Mexican's work force was critical in the development of the US, as many Mexicans were willing to work for low payment and poor working conditions.

In 1942, the US government signed a treaty named the Bracero Program. The treaty allowed millions of Mexicans to be imported into America to temporarily contract to the US growers and ranchers. The program, however, was closed in 1964 after an overflow of illegal agricultural workers and the invention of the mechanical cotton harvester brought down practicality.

Even now, there are still a huge amount of Mexicans immigrating to America. They journeyed into America because of different problems in Mexico, along with the need of cheap labour in America.

Today Mexicans still migrate to the Americas, looking for work and better education for their families. Todays economy is not as well as it use to be. Mexico needs help for their economy.

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