The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, an United Nations project to aid refugees.

Many of the Mexicans which journeys into America, along with other races migrating into other countries around the world without prior premission, can be seen as Illegal Immigrants.


Illegal Immigrants are basically people of one country migrating to another country without prior approval from the latter. This often occurs when the former suffers from economical or natural disasters, from which the country can not function properly and unable to look after its citizens. As a result, the citizens from those countries move to another in desperate search for food, shelter and money.

Depending on which country the immigrants are travelling to, they can travel through the means of boats, by foot or by trains. In the case of China, immigrants often travel to China via small, cramped boats which is often in the danger of capsizing. In Mexico, immigrants mainly travel by foot.

Despite the fact that many dislike illegal immigrants as they think they are a bad influence on their country, illegal immigrants can actually be an advantage to the country. Below are a list of these advantages:

  • They work for less money and longer hours than the people living in the country
  • They do jobs that no one else wants to do whether is because of low pay or risk of life
  • They still pay taxes which is good for the country they immigrate to- better economy
  • Like it or not, they are being paid with 'slave wages' in result of this, everyone gets more money
  • Rich people get even richer than they are employing them
  • Though they cause trouble and some even end up in jail,if we look at this in a positive way, they are actually keeping the federal prison guards employed
  • High profits for those who hire the mexicans

However, illegal immigrants do cause a fair amount disadvantages, as stated below:

  • They cause a lot of trouble which means causing trouble for the country
  • They may be a bad influence to the people living there
  • The country may be over-populated because of them
  • Illegal Immigrants being there causes a lot of conflicts in the country and puts the government of the country under pressure


If the immigrants are discovered, they could face rather horrid consequences. Most are often sent back to their origin country, although those who are lucky maybe accepted by charitable organizations and allowed to stay in their destinations and given necessary help. For example, in Hong Kong, the UNHCR provides aid to such illegal immigrants, or refugees, and find places for them to settle in and for them to be educated.